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[Animal hygiene, water quality and animal health using round drinkers as an animal-friendly water supply for Pekin ducks under practical conditions].

  title={[Animal hygiene, water quality and animal health using round drinkers as an animal-friendly water supply for Pekin ducks under practical conditions].},
  author={Elke Rauch and Nicola Hirsch and Nina Firnk{\"a}s and Michael H. Erhard and Shana Bergmann},
  journal={Berliner und Munchener tierarztliche Wochenschrift},
  volume={129 1-2},
Mandatory requirements for the keeping of Pekin ducks exist neither in Europe nor in Germany. The medium water is of high importance for ducks and is connected with many species-specific behaviours. In commercial fattening establishments the animals are provided drinking water solely by nipple drinkers because up to today, the economic and hygienic aspects of this drinking suppIy are beyong dispute. The aim of the study was to examine the influence of the round drinker AquaDuc T® on animal… 
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Verhalten als ein Indikator des Wohlbefindens beim Einsatz der AquaDuc T® Rundtränke bei Pekingmastenten unter Feldbedingungen
Findings show that Pekin ducks clearly favor the round bell drinkers over the nipple drinkers, and the round drinkers offer the ducks very good conditions for an animal-friendly water supply.
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