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[Analytical investigation of a suspected case of drug-facilitated crime].

  title={[Analytical investigation of a suspected case of drug-facilitated crime].},
  author={Anders Helander and Alexia Rylski},
Sometimes it is suspected that people have been involuntary exposed to drugs, usually by spiked drinks. A young woman was transported to an emergency department by ambulance. Her clinical symptoms (decreased consciousness, mydriasis, confusion, hallucinations and urine retention) indicated anticholinergic syndrome that was effectively treated with the antidote physostigmine. A urine sample tested negative for common narcotic drugs and alcohol, but an extended toxicological analysis of the urine… 
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Diminished Consciousness in a Woman Following an Unsuspected Scopolamine Overdose.

This report illustrates that broad toxicology screening, including scopolamine, should be considered when patients diminished consciousness is observed after ruling out infection or cerebrovascular disease, and can play an important role in identifying this potentially life-threatening etiology.