[Analysis of heart rate variability during acute exposure to hypoxia].

  title={[Analysis of heart rate variability during acute exposure to hypoxia].},
  author={X. X. Liu and Li Lu and Cencen Zhong and Zhi Hai Cheng and Qun-fang Yuan and H. R. Ren},
  journal={Hang tian yi xue yu yi xue gong cheng = Space medicine & medical engineering},
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Objective. To investigate the changes of autonomic nervous system during acute exposure to an altitude of 5000 m by analysing heart rate variability (HRV). Method. 11 healthy male volunteers aged 18-30 were observed during inhalation of low oxygen gas mixture to simulate acute exposure to hypoxia. HRV was analyzed with both time domain and frequency domain methods. The eleven subjects were divided into two groups--Group A with good tolerance and Group B with poor tolerance. Result. During… CONTINUE READING