[Analysis of a family pedigree with primary shunt hyperbilirubinaemia].

  title={[Analysis of a family pedigree with primary shunt hyperbilirubinaemia].},
  author={Fanggen Lu and Ping Jin and Yu You and Xiaoyun Qi and Xiaowei Liu and Jun Liang},
  journal={Zhonghua nei ke za zhi},
  volume={41 9},
OBJECTIVE To identify whether primary shunt hyperbilirubinaemia is a genetic disorder or not and the pattern of the inheritance. METHOD Clinical case data were studied with analysis of family pedigree of a case. RESULTS Although the patient with primary shunt hyperbilirubinaemia presented an elevated unconjugated serum bilirubin, anemia and splenomegaly, the patient also presented decline of amount of peripheral white cells and normal amount of reticulocytes. The mature erythrocytes in… CONTINUE READING