[Analysis of 65 cases of abruptio placenta].


From Jan 1, 1971 to Dec 12, 1990, 65 cases of abruptio placenta were admitted to our hospital. The incidence was 0.19%. Among them, thirty were complicated by pregnancy induced hypertension (46.2%). The perinatal fetal mortality was 19.7%; perinatal death occurred mostly in the premature group. All babies survived except two abnormalities. Cesarean section… (More)


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@article{Dong1992AnalysisO6, title={[Analysis of 65 cases of abruptio placenta].}, author={J. L. Dong and Chenzhong Fei}, journal={Zhonghua fu chan ke za zhi}, year={1992}, volume={27 3}, pages={144-6, 188} }