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[An unusual case of pneumocystis pneumonia--case report and review].

  title={[An unusual case of pneumocystis pneumonia--case report and review].},
  author={Kristj{\'a}n Dereksson and M. Kristj{\'a}nsson and O. Baldursson},
  volume={93 9},
  • Kristján Dereksson, M. Kristjánsson, O. Baldursson
  • Published 2007
  • Medicine
  • Laeknabladid
  • A 63 year old woman seeks medical attention for symptoms of fever, headache and increasing dyspnoea. She has a history of psoriatic-arthritis and uses 10 mg/week of methotrexate as arthritic treatment. There is also a history of severe alcohol abuse. She is in respiratory failure, with basal pulmonary crackles and increased serum inflammatory markers, a normal white-cell count but with a lowered lymphocyte count. A CT-scan reveals ground-glass lung changes. Bronchial biopsy reveals the fungus P… CONTINUE READING