[An unexpected difficult intubation. Bonfils rigid fiberscope].

  title={[An unexpected difficult intubation. Bonfils rigid fiberscope].},
  author={Marc O Maybauer and Sebastian K. G. Maier and Andreas R Thierbach},
  journal={Der Anaesthesist},
  volume={54 1},
A solution to managing intubation difficulties during anaesthesia induction is described in this article. After two attempts at laryngoscopy had failed, endotracheal intubation was achieved by the combined use of a laryngoscope and the Bonfils rigid fiberscope. The successful technique involved two anaesthesiologists, one who displaced the patient's tongue to the left ventral part of the mouth with a laryngoscope and cleared the airway by suctioning, and one who accomplished the intubation… CONTINUE READING

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