[An analysis of lymphokine gene expression within astrocytoma].

  title={[An analysis of lymphokine gene expression within astrocytoma].},
  author={Taizo Nitta and Lawrence Steinman and Keisuke Sato},
  journal={No shinkei geka. Neurological surgery},
  volume={20 7},
Expression of the lymphokine genes in human astroglial cell lineage was studied. Primers for 9 different human lymphokines, from IL-1 alpha to IL-8, were used to analyze RNA transcripts in 5 cultured human astrocytoma, one neuroblastoma cell line and 4 fresh brain specimens by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). mRNA transcripts of neither IL-1 nor IL-3, the biological activities of which were observed in rat primary cultured astrocytes, could be detected within these cell lines. Two out of 5… CONTINUE READING