[Alexithymia and alcohol dependence].

  title={[Alexithymia and alcohol dependence].},
  author={Olivier Taieb and Maurice Corcos and Gwenol{\'e} Loas and Mario Speranza and Olivier Guilbaud and Fernando Perez-Diaz and Olivier Halfon and François Lang and Paul Bizouard and Jean-Luc V{\'e}nisse and Martine F. Flament and Philippe Jeammet},
  journal={Annales de medecine interne},
  volume={153 3 Suppl},
Alexithymia is a term introduced by Sifneos in 1973 to describe, initially in psychosomatic patients, the inability to recognize and to express emotions. Since 1973, alexithymia has been also described in alcohol dependence. A review of these studies is proposed with the results of our study from the INSERM network "Dependence". Prevalence of alexithymia is high in alcoholic patients, between 40 and 60%. Some authors have found that alexithymia predicted poor outcome in these patients. The… CONTINUE READING