[Alcohol and drugs: preliminary survey of Brazilian nursing research].

  title={[Alcohol and drugs: preliminary survey of Brazilian nursing research].},
  author={Margarita Ant{\^o}nia Villar Luis and Ana Carolina Fuza Lunetta},
  journal={Revista latino-americana de enfermagem},
  volume={13 Spec No},
This bibliographic study surveys knowledge about alcohol and drugs produced by Brazilian nursing until 2004 and registered in online databases, in order to identify the presence of this theme; the origin of this knowledge and means of dissemination, as well as to analyze tendencies in this production. We used: BIREME, CAPES, USP Base of Dissertations and Theses. Abstracts with nurses as the authors or co-authors served as the basic material. Using common descriptors in this area, we found 218… CONTINUE READING