[Adverse reactions to food in daycare children].

  title={[Adverse reactions to food in daycare children].},
  author={B I Madrigal and Arantxa Alfaro and Carolyn C Jimenez and Guillermo Julio Padron Gonzalez},
  journal={Revista alergia Mexico},
  volume={43 2},
A prospective descriptive survey was applied to 291 children of three different nurseries in Guadalajara, México. Medical history was done to the suspicious ones, from those, only 11 were positive (3.78%). The presumptive diagnosis of food allergy was based on the patient's history, food challenges and food elimination. The most frequent age of presentation was at 2 (34.7%) and at 4 (34.7%) years old. The food reactions were: lactose intolerance (1.7%), allergy to eggs (0.6%), carrots (0.3… CONTINUE READING

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