[Advance of plant symbiosis receptor-like kinase in nonlegumes].


Most plants can form a symbiosis in root with microorganisms for mutual benefit, Nonlegumes mainly form the symbiotic mycorrhiza with arbuscular fungi. The interaction is initiated by invasion of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi into the plant root, and follows by production of several special signal molecules, such as the symbiosis receptor-like kinase… (More)


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@article{Zhu2007AdvanceOP, title={[Advance of plant symbiosis receptor-like kinase in nonlegumes].}, author={Xian-Can Zhu and Yuan-lei Hu and Zhi-Jing Tan and Jian-bo Zhu and Zhong-Ping Lin}, journal={Sheng wu gong cheng xue bao = Chinese journal of biotechnology}, year={2007}, volume={23 3}, pages={363-6} }