[Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor. A case report].

  title={[Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor. A case report].},
  author={Silvina Figurelli and Giuseppe Pollastri and Luca Giannetti and Luigi Chiarini},
  journal={Minerva stomatologica},
  volume={50 9-10},
The adenomatoid odontogenic tumor is a benign bony lesion of the maxilla and mandible, it represents 3% of all odontogenic tumors, and is more frequent in females in their second decade of life. It affects mainly the maxilla associated with embedded teeth, often canines, but it also occurs in the mandible, especially in the anterior region. It originates from epithelial cells of the dental lamina complex system, but the histologic feature with gland-like structures explains its name and… CONTINUE READING
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