[Adaptogen MIGI-K in rehabilitation of Chernobyl liquidators].

  title={[Adaptogen MIGI-K in rehabilitation of Chernobyl liquidators].},
  author={Elena N Goncharenko and Leonid I. Deev and Iu B Kudriashov and I. M. Parkhomenko and M V Novikova and T. V. Besedina and N. I. Rekhina and G{\"u}l{\"u}m Kosova and B U Baĭkhozhaeva},
  journal={Radiatsionnaia biologiia, radioecologiia},
  volume={39 2-3},
Experimental studies of the mussels hydrolysate (MIGI-K) have shown that this preparation can enhance the radioresistance and general resistance of the organism. The mechanisms of its action are related mainly with its influence on the components of the biochemical back-ground of the resistance and with its antioxidative activity. Some properties of this preparation, for example, absence of toxicity and harmful side effects, made it possible as an adaptogene and as a remedy, increasing… CONTINUE READING