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[Acute zincteral oral poisoning].

  title={[Acute zincteral oral poisoning].},
  author={A. Kamenczak and M. Pokorska and E. Wołek and K. Kobyłecka},
  journal={Polski tygodnik lekarski},
  volume={45 49-50},
Zinc vapour poisoning by inhalation in the form of zinc fever is more frequent than oral zinc product poisoning, the product used in therapy. The main aim of the study was the evaluation of clinical manifestation present after Zincteral ingestion as well as attempt to find the relationship between the presence and aggravation of the clinical manifestation and zinc level in the blood. The course of acute clinical suicidal poisoning by ingestion of Zincteral 50 tablets (10.0 g) and 100 tablets… Expand
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