[Acute onset pulmonary toxicity associated to amiodarone].

  title={[Acute onset pulmonary toxicity associated to amiodarone].},
  author={Pedro Gonçalo Ferreira and F{\'a}tima Saraiva and Cl{\'a}udia Carreira},
  journal={Acta medica portuguesa},
  volume={25 5},
Amiodarone is a potent anti-arrhythmic drug with a well-known potential chronic pulmonary toxicity. We describe a case of acute pulmonary toxicity (APT) induced by amiodarone in a 57 year old patient submitted to a perfusion of 900 mg in just 6 hours, to control an auricular flutter with rapid ventricular response. During the administration, the patient developed hemodynamic instability and oxygen dessaturation that led to an electrical cardioversion with return of sinus rhythm. Still, the… CONTINUE READING