[Acute hepatitis associated with terbinafine].

  title={[Acute hepatitis associated with terbinafine].},
  author={Santiago Javier Vivas and Manuel T Rodriguez and M. Antonia Palacio and Francisca Mor{\'a}n Cadenas and J Lomo and Luis Rodrigo},
  journal={Gastroenterologia y hepatologia},
  volume={20 9},
Oral terbinafine is a recently introduced antifungal drug with slight side effects that rarely includes liver involvement. A case of toxic hepatitis secondary to terbinafine administration in a patient with no previous history of liver disease and in whom other possible causes of liver damage and histologic study were performed is reported. A mixed lesion was presented with predominance of cholestasis. The initial worsening following discontinuation of the drug is of note as are the prolonged… CONTINUE READING