[Acquired methemoglobinemia: a case report].

  title={[Acquired methemoglobinemia: a case report].},
  author={Daniela Benini and L. Vino and Vassilios Fanos},
  journal={La Pediatria medica e chirurgica : Medical and surgical pediatrics},
  volume={20 6},
When an infant presents severe cyanosis which is not associated with respiratory distress, methaemoglobinemia should always be suspected. In children its main inducers are contaminated water or vegetable broths with high nitrate levels (especially spinach and carrots) used to prepare powdered formula or soups. Children affected with methaemoglobinemia have a peculiar lavender colour. Blood from the heel sticks is chocolate-brown and does not become pink when exposed to room air. Diagnosis can… CONTINUE READING
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