[Acquired jejunal and ileal diverticula (Meckel's excluded)].

  title={[Acquired jejunal and ileal diverticula (Meckel's excluded)].},
  author={A Huguenin and F Tirveilliot and U Dell'Erba and Sylvain Fabre and J. P. Triboulet and François Durand},
  journal={Annales de chirurgie},
  volume={53 6},
Acquired jejuno-ileal diverticulosis are rare (0.1 to 1.4%) but their complications are non exceptional (6 to 13%) with a death rate which can reach 40% in older patients. From a histological view, acquired diverticulosis differ from congenital ones by an absent muscular tunic. Complications consist in, by descending order: diverticulitis, perforation (7%), acute bowel obstruction (3%), intestinal hemorrhage (2.7%) mostly massive, malabsorption of fat, protein, macrocytic anaemia, intestinal… CONTINUE READING

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