[Acetaminophen and the liver: damage at therapeutic dose levels?].

  title={[Acetaminophen and the liver: damage at therapeutic dose levels?].},
  author={K. U. Petersen},
  journal={MMW Fortschritte der Medizin},
  volume={153 Suppl 4},
The possibility of liver intoxication at therapeutic doses of paracetamol (maximal dailydose of 4 x 1 g) is supported by retrospective, but not by controlled prospective studies. Intended orsuicidal overdosages are frequently misjudged in retrospektive reports. Malnutrition, ethanol consumption, and drugs inducing hepatic metabolism are no established riskfactors at therapeutic dose levels. Dose adaptation in existing liver disease is recommended for longer-term use.Transient increases in… CONTINUE READING