[Accidents in the home. Acute intoxication by household products].

  title={[Accidents in the home. Acute intoxication by household products].},
  author={Montserrat Amig{\'o} Tad{\'i}n and Santiago Nogu{\'e} Xarau},
  journal={Revista de enfermeria},
  volume={33 9},
          29-32, 34-7
During a two month period, the authors gathered data from patients who visited an emergency ward due to acute intoxication by a household product, and they compared the care which those patients required with the other patients suffering from different intoxications. The variables were introduced and analyzed using a SPSS 75.0 statistics package. The emergency ward registered 281 intoxication incidents of which 22 or 8.7% were related to household products. Among the conclusions drawn from this… CONTINUE READING

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