[Abdominal complications after heart surgery interventions].

  title={[Abdominal complications after heart surgery interventions].},
  author={Ognjen {\vS}imi{\'c} and S Strathausen and Stefan Geidel and Walter He\ss and Falk M{\"o}rl and J{\"o}rg Ostermeyer},
  journal={Zentralblatt fur Chirurgie},
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OBJECTIVE Risk factors of abdominal complications after cardiac surgery are largely unknown. We undertook this study to determine different types of abdominal complications after cardiac surgery and to identify patients at risk. PATIENTS AND METHODS 3312 adult patients were operated between Jan. 91 and Oct. 95 (2352 males, 960 females, 62.6 +/- 0.18y). We included all patients who suffered from abdominal complications within 30 days postoperatively. RESULTS Abdominal complications are rare… CONTINUE READING