[Abandonment of tuberculosis treatment among patients co-infected with TB/HIV].

  title={[Abandonment of tuberculosis treatment among patients co-infected with TB/HIV].},
  author={Ivaneide Leal Ata{\'i}de Rodrigues and Larissa Lima Monteiro and R{\'e}gia Hevelline Barros Pacheco and S{\'i}lvio {\'E}der Dias da Silva},
  journal={Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P},
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This study aimed at analyzing the reasons that patients co-infected with tuberculosis and HIV leave the treatment of tuberculosis and to know the conduct of the health team toward that abandonment. The study, using a qualitative approach, performed semi-structured interviews on 45 professionals working at a referral health center in Pará state. Two units emerged based on the thematic analysis: patient-associated factors that make TB treatment adherence difficult; and service-associated factors… CONTINUE READING