[ABTU-01 andromed device in the treatment of erectile dysfunction].


The compression-decompression method was used in the treatment of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction in 42 patients. The barotherapeutic urological unit (ABTU-01) Andromed was used. The alternation of compression and decompression of cavernous bodies stimulates synthesis and maximal realization of biological effects of nitric oxide the abnormal synthesis and… (More)


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@article{Aliaev2009ABTU01AD, title={[ABTU-01 andromed device in the treatment of erectile dysfunction].}, author={I. G. Aliaev and M. E. Chalyi and V A Grigorian and Alexandr V Amosov and Iu L Demidko}, journal={Urologiia}, year={2009}, volume={5}, pages={33-5} }