[A. laminae tecti (quadrigemina) and rami thalamogeniculati (author's transl)].


Origin, course and ramification of the "A. laminae tecti" (quadrigeminal artery) and the Rr. thalamogeniculati were examined on 115 Hemispheres by microdissections. The A. lamina tecti arises from the posterior cerebral artery in the area between 12 mm proximal and 10 mm distal of the junction with the posterior communicating artery. This vessel is doubled… (More)


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@article{Lang1980ALT, title={[A. laminae tecti (quadrigemina) and rami thalamogeniculati (author's transl)].}, author={Jinghe Lang and E K{\"a}pplinger}, journal={Anatomischer Anzeiger}, year={1980}, volume={147 1}, pages={1-11} }