[A rare cause of oral pain: The pterygoid hamulus syndrome].

  title={[A rare cause of oral pain: The pterygoid hamulus syndrome].},
  author={Michele Bandini and Pierre Corre and Pascal Huet and Roman Hossein Khonsari},
  journal={Revue de stomatologie, de chirurgie maxillo-faciale et de chirurgie orale},
  volume={116 6},
INTRODUCTION Pterygoid hamulus syndrome (PHS) is a rare cause of orofacial and oropharyngeal pain. PHS can be associated with a hamulus hypertrophy or with a bursitis of the palatosalpingeus but it has not always an anatomic cause. OBSERVATION A 36-year-old woman was seen for a constant posterior palatal pain spreading towards oropharynx, increasing during swallowing and lasting for more than 6 months. Physical examination showed an erythema of the soft palate, medially to the hamulus… CONTINUE READING