[A case of intracranial hypoglossal neurinoma].

  title={[A case of intracranial hypoglossal neurinoma].},
  author={Tohru Kuramitsu and Y. Seiki and Iekado Shibata and Haruhiko Terao},
  journal={No shinkei geka. Neurological surgery},
  volume={14 12},
A case of intracranial hypoglossal neurinoma is reported. A 32-year-old man with a history of unsteady gait and headache for one and a half years was admitted to our hospital on September 23, 1983. Neurological findings on admission were nystagmus toward the left, left IXth and Xth cranial nerve paresis, left cerebellar signs, paresthesia of the left upper and lower extremities on neck flexion, and left pyramidal signs. Atrophy or fasciculation of the tongue was not noted. Computed tomography… CONTINUE READING