[125I/127I]iodoHoechst 33342: synthesis, DNA binding, and biodistribution.


An iodinated analog of the DNA-minor-groove-binding agent Hoechst 33342 has been synthesized and evaluated for DNA binding and tumor targeting. The bis-benzimidazole ring system of the title compound was constructed from the piperazinyl terminus via a Pinner-type cyclization followed by oxidative cyclization of the diamine Schiff base. To synthesize… (More)


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@article{Harapanhalli1996125I127IiodoHoechst3S, title={[125I/127I]iodoHoechst 33342: synthesis, DNA binding, and biodistribution.}, author={Ravi S Harapanhalli and L. W. McLAUGHLIN and Richard Howell and D. Rao and S. James Adelstein and Amin I. Kassis}, journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry}, year={1996}, volume={39 24}, pages={4804-9} }