[10 cases of multiple malignant tumors].

  title={[10 cases of multiple malignant tumors].},
  author={R. A. Pieron and BlancheJM},
  journal={La semaine des hopitaux : organe fonde par l'Association d'enseignement medical des hopitaux de Paris},
  volume={53 6},
The authors report ten cases of multiple malignant tumours noted on a general medical unit : 4 cases of chronic lymphatic leukemia associated with one visceral carcinoma. One case of polycythemia associated with a bifocal colonic carcinoma and a skin carcinoma. 5 double carcinomas mainly bronchial and digestive. They recall the general characteristics of these multiple carcinomas and discuss their pathogenesis with special reference to factors of immunodepression and genetic factors. 

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