• Engineering
  • Published 2008

[논문] 철근콘크리트 전단벽의 구조성능개선을 위한 보강방안에 관한 실험적 연구

  title={[논문] 철근콘크리트 전단벽의 구조성능개선을 위한 보강방안에 관한 실험적 연구},
  author={하기주 and 서수연},
Four RC shear wall specimens with a/d of 2.2 are designed. And a flexural retrofitting is performed for one specimen by both enlarging wall section and adding additional vertical reinforcements. Also the effectivity of jaketting wall sides is evaluated for the two methods using only steel plate or welded wire mesh with enlargement of section. Cyclic loads are applied to the retrofitted specimens according to the loading history proposed by ACI under constant axial force. Test result showed that… CONTINUE READING