["Glyco-deglyco" processes during the biosynthesis of glycoproteins].

  title={["Glyco-deglyco" processes during the biosynthesis of glycoproteins].},
  author={Andr{\'e} Verbert and Ren{\'e} Cacan},
  journal={Journal de la Societe de biologie},
  volume={193 1},
For the past fifteen years, it has appeared increasingly evident that the N-glycosylation process was accompanied by the release of oligomannoside type oligosaccharides. This material is constituted of oligosaccharide-phosphates and of neutral oligosaccharides possessing one GlcNAc (OS-Gn1) or two GlcNAc (OS-Gn2) at the reducing end. It has been… CONTINUE READING