?(1)- and ?(2)-adrenergic receptors in rat corpus striatum.

  title={?(1)- and ?(2)-adrenergic receptors in rat corpus striatum.},
  author={M Sebben-Perez and C Ebersolt and G{\'e}rard Blanc and Joel Bockaert},
  journal={Neurochemistry international},
  volume={6 1},
Rat corpus striatum contained ?(2)-adrenergic receptor which were labelled with [(3)H]clonidine (95 +/- 6 fmol/mg protein). The affinity of these receptors (K(d) = 1.3 to 3.6 nM) was similar to that found in cerebral cortex. Five days after kainic lesions, the number of ?(2)-adrenergic receptors had dropped by half, suggesting that their location might be… CONTINUE READING