<ce:italic>Wnt</ce:italic> signaling in neuroprotection and stem cell differentiation

  title={<ce:italic>Wnt</ce:italic> signaling in neuroprotection and stem cell differentiation},
  author={Enrique M. Toledo and Marcela Colombres and Nibaldo C. Inestrosa},
  journal={Progress in Neurobiology},
In the past several years, we postulated that the loss of Wnt signaling was implicated in the pathology of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Since then, our lab and other groups have confirmed the involvement of the Wnt signaling in some aspects of AD. So far, we have demonstrated that activation of Wnt signaling protects neurons against neurotoxic injuries, including both amyloid-beta (Abeta) fibrils and Abeta oligomers by using either lithium, an inhibitor of the glycogen-synthase-kinase-3beta (GSK… CONTINUE READING


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