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:The Measurement of Time: Time, Frequency, and the Atomic Clock

  title={:The Measurement of Time: Time, Frequency, and the Atomic Clock},
  author={Paul Forman},
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Effect of Downscaling the Frequency Offset of Clock Ensemble on the Stability of the Time Scale
This paper proposes a new method for improving the stability of national time scale by a factor approaching 50% with zero expenses by replacing the real clocks in the ensemble by virtual clocks (VCs).
The evolution of time measurement, Part 4: the atomic second [Recalibration]
  • M. Lombardi
  • Physics
    IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine
  • 2012
The ephemeris second became the comparison reference for the atomic second when the second was redefined in 1956 as 1/31,556,925.9747 of the tropical year 1900.
Atomic Clocks
In atomic clocks, the frequency of the oscillator is determined by the energy difference between two quantum mechanical states in atoms, ions or molecules. This transition energy depends only on
Nobel Lecture: Passion for precision*
In our highly complex and ever changing world it is reassuring to know that certain physical quantities can be measured and predicted with very high precision. Precision measurements have always
An Analysis of the Stationary Operation of Atomic Clocks
We develop an abstract model of atomic clocks that fully describes the dynamics of repeated synchronization between a classical oscillator and a quantum reference. We prove existence of a stationary
Diddams Standards of Time and Frequency at the Outset of the 21 st Century
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The role of master clock stability in scalable quantum information processing
Experimentalists seeking to improve the coherent lifetimes of quantum bits have generally focused on mitigating decoherence mechanisms through, for example, improvements to qubit designs and
NIST Primary Frequency Standards and the Realization of the SI Second
Abstract: As the base unit of time interval, the second holds a place of preeminence in the world of metrology. Time interval, and its reciprocal, frequency, can be measured with more resolution and
Did Time Have a Beginning?
By analyzing the meaning of time I argue, without endorsing operationalism, that time is necessarily related to physical systems which can serve as clocks. This leads to a version of relationism