:Math through the Ages: A Gentle History for Teachers and Others

  title={:Math through the Ages: A Gentle History for Teachers and Others},
  author={Ronald Calinger},
Historical development of the BFGS secant method and its characterization properties
Historical Development of the BFGS Secant Method and Its Characterization Properties by Joanna Maria Papakonstantinou The BFGS secant method is the preferred secant method for finite-dimensional
How Big is Infinity
Infinity is a relatively recent term in mathematics, having officially been around only since the nineteenth century. It was paradoxically created in an attempt to solve a complicated mathematical
Fractions as Numbers and Extensions of the Number System: Developing Activities Based on Research
Existing studies have shown fractions present significant challenges for K-8 students and pre-service teachers. They suggest that students may fail to see fractions as numbers and have difficulty
Elementary School Preservice Teachers' Competencies in the Field of Patterns under the Process of Scientific Skills Development
No significant differences were found between the preservice teachers' competencies in the acquisition of thinking skills regarding the simple-to-complex patterns with respect to their gender and their programs in the department, and in general, the preserves teachers participating in the study had a high level of competency in the phases of recognition, visualization and verbalization.
The Central Hankel Transform
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How to lie With Statistics
A governor of a certain state is concerned about the test scores of high school students, one of his aides brings up an interesting statistic: there is a very strong link between student test scores and the taxes paid by the parents of the student.
The importance of theory, visualization and physical labs on the performance of engineering students is presented from a Pratt and Whitney project as a case study in a thermodynamics course.
A Classroom Note on: An Alternative Method for Solving Linear Equations.
The method of Double False Position is an arithmetic approach to solving linear equations that pre-dates current algebraic methods by more than 3,000 years. The method applies to problems that, in
Engineering Mathematics Learning in a Singapore Polytechnic: a Grounded Theory Approach.
This study generates a substantive theory of how engineering students approach engineering mathematics learning in a polytechnic in Singapore. This thesis adopts a symbolic interactionist perspective