: Vom Zwangsarbeiter zum Heimatlosen Auslander: Die Displaced Persons in Westdeutschland, 1945-1951

  title={: Vom Zwangsarbeiter zum Heimatlosen Auslander: Die Displaced Persons in Westdeutschland, 1945-1951},
  author={Jeffry M. Diefendorf},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
Refugee history and refugees in Russia during and after the First World War
This article analyses the causes and consequences of mass population displacement in the Russian Empire during the First World War and its immediate aftermath. The wartime refugee crisis in Russia
Ignoring Racism in the History of the German Immigration Society: Some Reflections on Comparison as an Epistemic Practice
The entanglement of the history of racism with the history of migration in Germany has been ignored thus far in German historiography. Exploring the epistemological significance of ignorance in
Moving West
After the Spanish-American War (1898), many anarchists began to focus their attention on the rising discontent among Mexico’s landless working class. The Flores Magón brothers sought to galvanize
Estonian displaced persons in post-war Germany
Estonian Displaced Persons in post-war Germany Signe Tõnismäe The immediate aftermath of the Second World War brought about considerable uncertainty and a great number of displaced persons (DPs) to
Migration, Staat und Nation: Wechselbezüge im historischen Wandel
Staaten grenzen Bevolkerungen voneinander ab und kategorisieren sie in Untertanenverbande bzw. Staatsbevolkerungen. Das hat tiefgreifende Folgen fur die Entwicklung der Migrationsund
MacNamara's DP Domestics: Immigration Policy Makers Negotiate Class, Race, and Gender in the Aftermath of World War II
The Canadian labor market has always been in need of domestic labor. Throughout Canadian history the great demands for female help in households and on farms were never met. During the nineteenth and
The Political Uses of Xenophobia in England, France and Germany
This article centres upon the nature of xenophobia as it relates to electoral politics, addressing in particular how and why `race politics' were employed in three large West European states at the
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  • History, Economics
    The Journal of Modern History
  • 1988
Ackerl, Isabella, ed. Im Kampf gegen den Hunger: Aus den Erinnerungen des Staatssekretars fur Volksernahrung, 1918-1920, by Hans Loewenfeld-Russ (BR) 803 Akten zur deutschen auswartigen Politik,