/ 0008205 ∗-Trek : The One-Loop N = 4 Noncommutative SYM Action

  title={/ 0008205 ∗-Trek : The One-Loop N = 4 Noncommutative SYM Action},
  author={Hong Liu and Jeremy Michelson},
We investigate N = 4 noncommutative super Yang-Mills (SYM) theory. We compute the one-loop four gauge boson scattering amplitude on parallel Dp-branes, and find the corresponding contribution to the noncommutative SYM one-loop action in a momentum expansion. The result is somewhat surprising. We find that while the planar diagram can be written using the usual ∗-product, the contributions from nonplanar diagrams in general involve additional structure beyond the ∗-product, arising from the… CONTINUE READING
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