(3H)-muscimol, (3H)-nipecotic acid and (3H)-isoguvacine as autoradiographic markers for GABA neurotransmission

  title={(3H)-muscimol, (3H)-nipecotic acid and (3H)-isoguvacine as autoradiographic markers for GABA neurotransmission},
  author={Elisabet Agardh and Berndt E J Ehinger},
  journal={Journal of Neural Transmission},
Retinas from rabbit, goldfish and guinea-pig were exposed to (3H) GABA, (3H)-muscimol, (3H)-nipecotic acid and (3H)-isoguvacine either by intravitreal injectionin vivo or by incubations in a balanced salt solution and the distribution of radioactivity was then studied with autoradiography. All substances labelled a similar set of presumed amacrine cells. Incubating at 0 °C, in 10−5 M ouabain, or in 10−3 M GABA inhibited the labelling by (3H)-muscimol whereas bicuculline (10−4 M), and glycine… CONTINUE READING


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