'To Secure a Convenience': Britain Recognizes China — 1950

  title={'To Secure a Convenience': Britain Recognizes China — 1950},
  author={D. Wolf},
  journal={Journal of Contemporary History},
  pages={299 - 326}
  • D. Wolf
  • Published 1983
  • History
  • Journal of Contemporary History
  • On 6 January 1950, the United Kingdom accorded diplomatic recognition to the People's Republic of China. This controversial action was the culmination of two years of intensive study by the British Foreign and Cabinet Offices. The Communist takeover of China in 1949 was a momentous event with far-reaching effects. It signalled the downfall of the Nationalist (Kuomintang) regime of Chiang Kai-shek, a recent wartime ally of the United Kingdom, and the assumption of power by a Communist government… CONTINUE READING
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