'Padhar regime' - a low-dose magnesium sulphate treatment for eclampsia.

  title={'Padhar regime' - a low-dose magnesium sulphate treatment for eclampsia.},
  author={Niraj Nilkanthrao Mahajan and Anita Thomas and Rajani N Soni and Nilima L. Gaikwad and S. Jamal Md Nurul Jain},
  journal={Gynecologic and obstetric investigation},
  volume={67 1},
AIMS To determine the recurrent convulsion rate using low-dose magnesium sulphate regime in eclampsia and to identify toxicity and complications with clinical parameters. METHODS Prospective study with two different magnesium sulphate regimes in two slightly clinically different subgroups. Group A that came directly to our hospital and group B who had already received an injection of diazepam or Phenergan at the referring hospital. Group A received 10 g and group B 6 g loading dose of… CONTINUE READING

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