$RC$ Model for Frequency Dependence of Split $C\hbox{--}V$ Measurements on Bare SOI Wafers

  title={\$RC\$ Model for Frequency Dependence of Split \$C\hbox\{--\}V\$ Measurements on Bare SOI Wafers},
  author={Alaa Diab and Irina Ionica and G{\'e}rard Ghibaudo and Sorin Cristoloveanu},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
The feasibility of split C-V measurements for direct evaluation of carrier mobility in as-fabricated silicon-on-insulator wafers has been demonstrated. Here, we complete this letter by modeling the frequency dependence of capacitance curves. The peculiarity of the pseudo-MOSFET (Ψ-MOSFET) configuration with respect to standard MOSFET comes from the possible distribution of mobile carriers beyond the source and drain contacts. This implies a variation in charge spreading and capacitance with… CONTINUE READING


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