$MC$-hypercentral groups

  title={\$MC\$-hypercentral groups},
  author={Francesco G. Russo},
  journal={The International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences},
  • F. Russo
  • Published 2007
  • Mathematics
  • The International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences
This paper is devoted to the imposition of some chain conditions on groups having a generalized central series. It is also given a characterization of MC-groups with finite abelian section rank: such class of groups is a suitable enlargement of the class of FC-groups. Mathematics Subject Classification: 20F24; 20F14 

On topological filtrations of groups

Some algebraic classes of groups are studied with respect to the (weak) geometric simple connectivity and the quasi-simple filtration, which are topological notions of manifolds which may be defined for discrete groups too.


A subgroup K of a group G is called almost normal in G if it has finitely many conjugates in G. The influence of these subgroups is strong on the group structure. Indeed, B.H. Neumann proves in the

Generalized Minimal Non-FC-Groups

Minimal non-FC-groups have been largely investigated and their structure is well-known. Minimal non-CC-groups, a first generalization of minimal non-FC-groups, have been investigated more recently

Advances in Just-Non-X Groups and Minimal Non-X Groups

Let X be a class of groups. A group which does not belong to X but all of whose proper quotients belong to X is called Just-Non-X group. A group which does not belong to X but all of whose proper



On PC-hypercentral and CC-hypercentral groups

This paper investigates the effects of the imposition of some chain conditions on groups having a generalized central series. It also provides a characterization of PC-groups and CC-groups with

Groups with Černikov conjugacy classes

Abstract The aim of this paper is to prove some embedding theorems for groups with Černikov conjugacy classes. Moreover a characterization of periodic central-by-Černikov groups is given.

Nilpotent-by-Černikov CC-groups

  • J. OtalJ. M. Peña
  • Mathematics
    Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society. Series A. Pure Mathematics and Statistics
  • 1992
Abstract In this paper we study groups with Černikov conjugacy classes which are nilpotent-by-Černikov groups, giving full characterizations of them and applying the results obtained to some related

Finiteness conditions and generalized soluble groups

1. Fundamental Concepts in the Theory of Infinite Groups.- 2. Soluble and Nilpotent Groups.- 3. Maximal and Minimal Conditions.- 4. Finiteness Conditions on Conjugates and Commutators.- 5. Finiteness

Groups Whose Proper Quotients Are FO-Groups

A group G is said to be a just non-FO-group (a JNFO-group) if all its proper quotients are FO-groups,but G itself is not.In this paper,the structure of JNFO-groups is described.

The FC-Chain of a Group

  • F. Haimo
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics
  • 1953
Baer [2] and Neumann [5] have discussed groups in which there is a limitation on the number of conjugates which an element may have. For a given group G, let H1 be the set of all elements of G which

Groups with Prescribed Quotient Groups and Associated Module Theory

Simple Modules: On Annihilators of Modules The Structure of Simple Modules Over Abelian Groups The Structure of Simple Modules Over Some Generalization of Abelian Groups Complements of Simple