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$L^p$-$L^q$ multipliers on locally compact groups

  title={\$L^p\$-\$L^q\$ multipliers on locally compact groups},
  author={Rauan Akylzhanov and Michael Ruzhansky},
  journal={arXiv: Representation Theory},
In this paper we discuss the $L^p$-$L^q$ boundedness of both spectral and Fourier multipliers on general locally compact separable unimodular groups $G$ for the range $1<p\leq q<\infty$. We prove a Lizorkin type multiplier theorem for $1<p\leq q<\infty$, and then refine it as a H\"ormander type multiplier theorem for $1<p\leq 2\leq q<\infty$. In the process, we establish versions of Paley and Hausdorff-Young-Paley inequalities on general locally compact separable unimodular groups. As a… 

$L^p$-$L^q$ boundedness of pseudo-differential operators on smooth manifolds and its applications to nonlinear equations.

In this paper we study the boundedness of global pseudo-differential operators on smooth manifolds. By using the notion of global symbol we extend a classical condition of Hormander type to guarantee

$L^p-L^q$ boundedness of Fourier multipliers associated with the anharmonic Oscillator

In this paper we study the boundedness of the Fourier multipliers associated with the eigenfunctions expansions of the anharmonic oscillator. Using the notion of a global symbol we extend a classical

Hardy-Littlewood inequality and $L^p$-$L^q$ Fourier multipliers on compact hypergroups

This paper deals with the inequalities devoted to the comparison between the norm of a function on a compact hypergroup and the norm of its Fourier coefficients. We prove the classical Paley

$$L^{p}$$–$$L^{q}$$ Boundedness of Fourier Multipliers on Fundamental Domains of Lattices in $$\mathbb {R}^d$$

  • Arne Hendrickx
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications
  • 2022
In this paper we study the L-L boundedness of Fourier multipliers on the fundamental domain of a lattice in R for 1 < p, q <∞ under the classical Hörmander condition. First, we introduce Fourier

Titchmarsh theorems, Hausdorff-Young-Paley inequality and $L^p$-$L^q$ boundedness of Fourier multipliers on harmonic $NA$ groups

In this paper we extend classical Titchmarsh theorems on the Fourier transform of HölderLipschitz functions to the setting of harmonic NA groups, which relate smoothness properties of functions to

$L^p$-$L^q$ Multipliers on commutative hypergroups

The main purpose of this paper is to prove Hörmander’s L-L boundedness of Fourier multipliers on commutative hypergroups. We carry out this objective by establishing Paley inequality and

L p-L q Boundedness of (k, a)-Fourier Multipliers with Applications to Nonlinear Equations

The $(k,a)$-generalised Fourier transform is the unitary operator defined using the $a$-deformed Dunkl harmonic oscillator. The main aim of this paper is to prove $L^p$-$L^q$ boundedness of $(k,

Quantizations on the Engel and the Cartan groups

This work aims to develop a global quantization in the concrete settings of two graded nilpotent Lie groups of 3-step; namely of the Engel group and the Cartan group. We provide a preliminary

Logarithmic Sobolev inequalities on Lie groups

In this paper we show a number of logarithmic inequalities on several classes of Lie groups: log-Sobolev inequalities on general Lie groups, logSobolev (weighted and unweighted),

$L_p\rightarrow L_q$ boundedness of Fourier multipliers

. We investigate the L p 7→ L q boundedness of the Fourier multipliers. We obtain sufficient conditions, namely, we derive Hormander and Lizorkin type theorems. We also obtain the necessary conditions.



Smooth Fourier multipliers in group algebras via Sobolev dimension

We investigate Fourier multipliers with smooth symbols defined over locally compact Hausdorff groups. Our main results in this paper establish new H\"ormander-Mikhlin criteria for spectral and

Sharpness in Young’s inequality for convolution

Let p and q be indices in the open interval (1, oo) such that pq < p + q; let r — pql(p + q — pq). It is shown here that there is a constant Cp,q < 1 such that, if G is a locally compact, unimodular


We show among other things that (1) may be generalized as follows: Let G be a compact group with Haar measure 1 and let \cp\\ be any collection of inequivalent continuous irreducible unitary

Hypercontractivity in group von Neumann algebras

In this paper, we provide a combinatorial/numerical method to establish new hypercontractivity estimates in group von Neumann algebras. We will illustrate our method with free groups, triangular

Mean convergence of Fourier series on compact Lie groups

The main result is an L? mean convergence theorem for the partial sums of the Fourier series of a class function on a compact semisimple Lie group. A central element in the proof is a Lie group-Lie


We show that for any function f square-integrable on a separable unimodular locally compact group G (relative to Haar measure), the integral over G of the square of the absolute value of f equals the

A course in abstract harmonic analysis

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Pseudo-Differential Operators, Wigner Transform and Weyl Systems on Type I Locally Compact Groups

Let $G$ be a unimodular type I second countable locally compact group and $\hat G$ its unitary dual. We introduce and study a global pseudo-differential calculus for operator-valued symbols defined

Fourier multipliers on graded Lie groups

We study the $L^p$-boundedness of Fourier multipliers defined on graded nilpotent Lie groups via their group Fourier transform. We show that H\"ormander type conditions on the Fourier multipliers

Global quantization of pseudo-differential operators on compact Lie groups, SU(2), 3-sphere, and homogeneous spaces

Global quantization of pseudo-differential operators on general compact Lie groups G is introduced relying on the representation theory of the group rather than on expressions in local coordinates. A