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$F$-manifolds and integrable systems of hydrodynamic type

  title={\$F\$-manifolds and integrable systems of hydrodynamic type},
  author={Paolo Lorenzoni and Marco Pedroni and Andrea Raimondo},
  journal={arXiv: Differential Geometry},
We investigate the role of Hertling-Manin condition on the structure constants of an associative commutative algebra in the theory of integrable systems of hydrodynamic type. In such a framework we introduce the notion of F-manifold with compatible connection generalizing a structure introduced by Manin. 

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We present a universal construction of almost duality for Frobenius man- ifolds. The analytic setup of this construction is described in details for the case of semisimple Frobenius manifolds. We

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We establish a new universal relation between the Lie bracket and $\circ$-multiplication of tangent fields on any Frobenius (super)manifold. We use this identity in order to introduce the notion of


Manifolds with a commutative and associative multi- plication on the tangent bundle are called F-manifolds if a unit field exists and the multiplication satisfies a natural integrability con- dition.