$C^1$ surface interpolation for scattered data on a sphere

  title={\$C^1\$ surface interpolation for scattered data on a sphere},
  author={Charles L. Lawson},
  journal={Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics},
  • C. Lawson
  • Published 1 March 1984
  • Mathematics
  • Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics
An algorithm is described for constructing a smooth computable function, f, defined over the surface of a sphere and interpolating a set of n data values, u sub i, associated with n locations, P sub i, on the surface of the sphere. The interpolation function, f, will be continuous and have continuous first partial derivatives. The locations, p sub i, are not required to lie on any type of regular grid. 
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Methods and software that extend the C ~ interpolant of data values associated with arbitrarily distributed nodes on the surface of a sphere method are described and test results are presented.
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The basis of this work is a hybrid interpolant which is a convex combination of three quintic Bezier schemes which is of degree 9 over degree 4 and it requires the evaluation of 27 control points.
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