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$4\pi$-periodic supercurrent tuned by an axial magnetic flux in topological insulator nanowires

  title={\$4\pi\$-periodic supercurrent tuned by an axial magnetic flux in topological insulator nanowires},
  author={Ralf Fischer and Jordi Pic'o-Cort'es and Wolfgang Himmler and Gloria Platero and M. Grifoni and Dmitriy A. Kozlov and Nikolai N. Mikhailov and Sergey A. Dvoretsky and Christoph Strunk and Dieter Weiss},
Topological insulator (TI) nanowires in proximity with conventional superconductors have been proposed as a tunable platform to realize topological superconductivity and Majorana zero modes (MZM). The tuning is done using an axial magnetic flux $\Phi$ which allows transforming the system from trivial at $\Phi=0$ to topologically nontrivial when half a magnetic flux quantum $\Phi_0/2$ threads the wire's cross-section. Here we explore the expected topological transition in TI-wire-based Josephson… 

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