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$(s,p)$-Valent Functions

  title={\$(s,p)\$-Valent Functions},
  author={Omer Friedland and Yosef Yomdin},
  journal={arXiv: Classical Analysis and ODEs},
We introduce the notion of $(\mathcal F,p)$-valent functions. We concentrate in our investigation on the case, where $\mathcal F$ is the class of polynomials of degree at most $s$. These functions, which we call $(s,p)$-valent functions, provide a natural generalization of $p$-valent functions (see~\cite{Ha}). We provide a rather accurate characterizing of $(s,p)$-valent functions in terms of their Taylor coefficients, through "Taylor domination", and through linear non-stationary recurrences… 
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Sur les fonctions multivalentes d’ordre p
  • Vol. 203
  • 1936