${ \mmb{\eta } }^{3}$-Splines for the Smooth Path Generation of Wheeled Mobile Robots

  title={\$\{ \mmb\{\eta \} \}^\{3\}\$-Splines for the Smooth Path Generation of Wheeled Mobile Robots},
  author={Aurelio Piazzi and Corrado Guarino Lo Bianco and Massimo Romano},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Robotics},
The paper deals with the generation of smooth paths for the inversion-based motion control of wheeled mobile robots. A new path primitive, called eta3-spline, is proposed. It is a seventh order polynomial spline which permits the interpolation of an arbitrary sequence of points with associated arbitrary tangent directions, curvatures, and curvature derivatives, so that an overall G3-path is planned. A G3-path or path with third order geometric continuity has continuous tangent vector, curvature… CONTINUE READING
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