${\rm CO}_{2}$ as an Arc Interruption Medium in Gas Circuit Breakers

  title={\$\{\rm CO\}_\{2\}\$ as an Arc Interruption Medium in Gas Circuit Breakers},
  author={Patrick C. Stoller and Martin Seeger and A. A. Iordanidis and George V. Naidis},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science},
<formula formulatype="inline"> <tex Notation="TeX">${\rm CO}_{2}$</tex></formula> is a possible alternative to <formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">${\rm SF}_{6}$</tex> </formula>—which has a high global warming potential—as the interruption medium in gas circuit breakers. The performance of <formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">${\rm CO}_{2}$</tex></formula> is investigated in this paper by carrying out experiments in representative test devices and by performing… CONTINUE READING
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