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${\cal T}$-class algorithms for pseudocontractions and $\kappa$-strict pseudocontractions in Hilbert spaces

  title={\$\{\cal T\}\$-class algorithms for pseudocontractions and \$\kappa\$-strict pseudocontractions in Hilbert spaces},
  author={J. Chancelier},
  journal={arXiv: Optimization and Control},
  • J. Chancelier
  • Published 2007
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Optimization and Control
In this paper we study iterative algorithms for finding a common element of the set of fixed points of $\kappa$-strict pseudocontractions or finding a solution of a variational inequality problem for a monotone, Lipschitz continuous mapping. The last problem being related to finding fixed points of pseudocontractions. These algorithms were already studied in [G.L. Acedo, H.-K. Xu] and [N. Nadezhkina, W. Takahashi] but our aim here is to provide the links between these know algorithms and the… Expand


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